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Equine-guided education, growth, healing, liberation 


Using horses as our guides to know ourselves, each other, and the world in more authentic, compassionate, and just ways.


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Spirit Horse Education 

Core Principles & Teachings


  • Equine Guided Coaching

  • Somatics & Nervous System Regulation 

  • Nature Connection

  • Experiential Learning

  • Collective Liberation

Come into your true power...

  • transform old stories into new possibilities 

  • de-program automatic and unconscious conditioning

  • wake up your potential & authenticity with ease and grace

  • listen deeply and trust your inner wisdom

Horses teach us to live more fully in our bodies... 


In our modern society, we live much of our lives in our heads. When you experience a SHE session, you will learn to listen to your animal body, become more adept at sensing the world around you.

This allows us to be more conscious of our behaviors, learn to respond instead of react, to be more accountable to how we show-up.


Being embodied helps us understand our relationship to privilege and oppression, see our old stories more clearly, and understand our biases, interpretations, judgements, and projections... 

These are all held in our bodies.


This work is powerful... 


It allows us to grow more awareness, slow down into "horse time", develop a deeper sense of connection with the natural world, as well as learn specific practices and tools which support the regulation of our nervous systems. 

Practicing somatics allows us to be more “just”... to have a more inclusive, aware, and compassionate experience and to be accountable to our own healing, behaviors, and actions... To truly show up in integrity with who we are, at a core level. 

We have become disconnected from nature, from our own mammalian experience. In order to heal and transform our world, we need to learn how to reconnect with nature, our bodies, and each other. 


At SHE, we know the power of bringing people and horses together for the purpose of mutual healing, transformation, liberation, and increased connection. Our vision is to have a beautiful, safe, inclusive, community where all members support and learn from each other and work together to create deep and lasting connections. 


 Spirit Horse Education (SHE) works with all types of people, with any variety of challenges, hardships, traumas, and/or diagnoses. There is no riding involved in our work - it all takes place on the ground, with the horses, in nature. 

A session might consist of a somatic activity, equine session, nature connection activity, breathwork, debriefing, processing, and more.

This work can be done individually or a series of sessions with a group of staff, family, or others who want to explore relationship, communication, trust, and mutuality. 

Feel free to contact us for pricing and contract options...

we look forward to hearing from you!

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