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Monthly Meditation Circles with The Herd

WHEN: 3rd Thursday of each month @ 3:30 - 5 PM 

WHERE: Sitka Springs Ranch (Eureka CA)

After you register, visit the message boards on our Meetup site to obtain address & directions 

COST: $27


Engaging in meditation with horses gives you permission to get back into your animal & sensory body, feel your energetic connection to nature, sit in presence, slow down, and allow peaceful connection to yourself.

The event will consist of an introduction to healing work with horses, safety demo, and a 20 minute meditation with the horses. Afterward, we will have an opportunity to debrief and share our experience. We will end with some free time with the horses to close-out and give gratitude.

Anyone 16 and over can participate. No horse or meditation experience is required. No riding involved. Please wear close-toed shoes that can get dusty, and bring a jacket, hat, water, snack, or anything else you might need.

Really excited to have you join myself and the herd in circle!

Winter Season Note: During the dark winter months we will be holding our circle from 3:30 - 5 pm. Please be prepared with layers, warm jackets, hats, and anything else that supports you being comfortable outside. If the weather does not permit us to be outside, the circle will be cancelled and you will be refunded. 

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