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Equine-guided education, growth, healing, liberation


The Call of Spirit Horse...

If you found yourself here, you have likely heard the calling of your spirit - that deep part of you that knows what you need, sees the truth, and recognizes the path to get there....  

Good on you for listening!

When we become students of the horse, we learn to listen, to heed the call of our spirit, and understand more deeply who we are.

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Horses teach us about truth, communication, love, honesty, compassion, negotiation, respect, and belonging. 

They are experts at reading and negotiating energy, non-verbal communication, intuition, awareness, and boundaries.

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They have so much to teach us if we can slow down enough to listen.

I hope you will consider heeding the call of the horse - the call of your spirit... 

so you too can become more deeply,


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